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Our practitioners:

Vaidya Meera Soni Menon

Vaidya Meera Soni Menon is an Ayurvedic physician with a degree in ayurvedic medicine from Mumbai, India.
Since 2004 Vaidya Meera Soni Menon has been working at Ayushakti Health Centres in India directly under the founders of Ayuskakti, world renowned vaidyas, Vaidya Pankaj Naram and Vaidya Smita Naram wherein she learnt and practiced the ancient and precise art of pulse diagnosis. She has represented Ayushakti at numerous events and has received successful testimonials from patients from across the globe.
Vaidya Meera Soni Menon now brings her vast experience and knowledge to the UK to serve mankind. She is currently based in Pinner (Northwest London) and once a month she holds a clinic in Leicester.

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Vaidya Sarita Nahar

Vaidya (Physician) Sarita Nahar holds the successful Adya Ayurveda pulse reading clinics in Southall (West London) and Stanmore (Northwest London). Sarita has been practicing the ancient science of pulse diagnosis and ayurvedic treatment since the year 2000, learning it with world-renowned pulse masters Dr’s Pankaj and Smita Naram. Sarita holds a BA in Ayurvedic Studies, the first degree of its kind issued by a UK university.

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Vaidya Meera Doshi

Vaidya Meera Doshi is an Ayurvedic physician with a master’s degree in Ayurvedic medicine from Middlesex University, London. She holds her regular Ayushakti clinic in Edgware (North West London). Meera practices the ancient science of pulse diagnosis. She has studied and practiced Ayurveda in India under the renowned Ayurvedic physicians and pulse master, Dr Smita Naram.

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Vaidya Richa Varma

Vaidya Richa Varma holds regular clinics in Northwood and Borehamwood. She obtained her degree in the ancient subject of Ayurvedic medicine in the UK. She then went on to study and train with some of the foremost Ayurvedic masters in centres all over India and UK. She has gained extensive experience working with eminent clinics in India, Europe and UK since 2000.
For several years she has been working with Dr. Smita Naram, practising pulse diagnosis.

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Harshini Wikramanayake

Harshini grew up in Colombo, Sri Lanka – leaving in her late teens to attend university in Canada. During the two decades since leaving Sri Lanka, Harshini has lived, worked and studied in Toronto, New York and London. Harshini’s family still lives in Colombo and she regularly returns home.

Harshini grew up in a family that frequently used Ayurvedic Medicine to complement Allopathic Medicine. Her maternal grandmother used Ayurveda as her first line of treatment for all ailments. Harshini’s mother recalls the various regimes and treatments that her family used including weekly visits from the local Veda (Ayurvedic Medicine Man). From the age of five, Harshini suffered with severe Migraines and herbal oils from her paternal grandfather’s Ayurvedic doctor were frequently applied to her head. At the age of eight, Harshini met Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who initiated her to the practice Transcendental Meditation. 
As she moved to North America for university and pursued a career as a Marketing Executive for a large multinational company, Harshini lost contact with many of her family’s Ayurvedic practices. In an attempt to find balance in her high paced, stressful corporate life, Harshini began to practice Iyengar Yoga, which in turn led to a rediscovery of her traditional medicine roots.

Harshini’s experience of Iyengar yoga inspired her to transform her life - ultimately leaving the corporate world to train to be an Iyengar Yoga Teacher as well as returning to university to study Ayurvedic Medicine. Harshini has since earned BSc and MSc degrees in Ayurvedic Medicine - complementing her Master’s and Honour’s Business Administration degrees.  As part of her Ayurvedic degree programs, Harshini spent three months in dedicated Ayurvedic hospitals in India and Sri Lanka and throughout her degrees participated in student clinics. 

Harshini is a fully accredited member of the Ayurvedic Practitioners Association (APA) and runs clinics at various London locations.

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London, 07789 925 170


Rajiv Raja

My name is Rajiv Raja. I was lucky enough to be brought up in a family who follow ayurvedic and Yogic principles. From a young age I was surrounded by ayurvedic remedies, ayurvedic diets and ayurvedic lifestyles. I went on to study optometry at university and it was while I was working as an optometrist that I decided I wanted to take up ayurveda.

I came across so many people who just wanted to be listened to, to be heard and to be cared for. So many people who were so out of touch with their own body and their own well-being. They had no idea of what was good for them as an individual and what could promote health and well-being in their own particular lives. They had been defeated by illness and were resigned to their life being miserable due to their poor health.

I didn't believe this should be the case. In my life I had found that small changes in lifestyle and diet have resulted in marked changes in my health. This was ayurveda in action. This knowledge was not for me to keep and use personally, it was for me to develop, share and give to people, enabling them to live a healthier life.

Subsequently, I started studying for a degree in ayurveda in London. My practical training was done in India and I was lucky enough to work with and be trained by great inspirational ayurvedic physicians in Mumbai, Pune, Karnataka and Kerala. This life changing exposure has inspired me to help you to the best of my abilities

For more information on Vaidya Rajiv Raja Ayushakti clinic,
London, 07951 048 948


Julie Rawnsley

Julie Rawnsley BSc, PG Dip Ayurvedic Medicine (Middlesex University), is a full member of the Ayurvedic Practitioners Association. As well as clinical training in Ayurvedic hospitals in Karnataka, India, she has received specialist training in pulse reading at Ayushakti  in Mumbai.

“My practice has been influenced by several inspirational teachers that I have been blessed to study with; including Dr Vasant Lad, Dr Smita Naram and Lama Tsultrim Allione.
Following my deep interest in the connection between body, mind and emotions, I trained to be an Amnanda therapist in 2010 and Feeding Your Demons facilitator in 2014. I am currently studying Family Constellations.

The foundation and backbone of my practice is twenty five years practice of meditation. Why is this so important? Because the ability to listen, sometimes to hear behind the words, to focus in on the pulse – these are the tools I work with.”

For more information on Vaidya Julie Rawnsley Ayushakti clinic,
London and Ditchling, Sussex 07529 549589
Initial Consultation £70 (Chelsea, London) and £60 (Ditchling, Sussex)


Yoanna Mingay

I have been working with Ayurveda, Yoga and Alexander Technique for over 20 years now. After studying flute at music college I discovered Indian medicine, yoga and meditation. This helped me to manage chronic stress and treat recurring stomach ulcers, improve my sleep patterns, and increase my immunity and energy levels. I became fascinated by the mind body connection and this new understanding of myself and my health. I was so inspired by the many benefits I received from these healing methods that I decided to change my career to share them with other people.

I studied for a BA(hons) degree in Ayurveda followed by clinical training at SDM Ayurvedic Hospital in Karnataka, South India. My dissertation focused on the many ways in which stress affects health and well being and how Ayurveda can correct these imbalances. I continued my study of pulse reading with Dr Vasant Lad and Ayushakti, Mumbai.

My practice in Ayurveda includes consultations, diagnostic pulse reading, diet and nutrition, detox programs and various treatments such as Marma energy point therapy, herbal oil massage and Pinda Sweda deep heat treatments. I trained to teach yoga with the British Wheel of Yoga and offer individual sessions in therapeutic yoga, yogic breathing/pranayama and mindfulness/meditation.

For more information on Vaidya Yoanna Mingay Ayushakti clinic,
London E17, Slough, Eastbourne, Brighton, 07931 737 450,


Joanna Johnston

For more information on Vaidya Joanna Johnston Ayushakti clinic,
Bath and Somerset, 07753 678582


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