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Two-part consultation

1. Consultation with Vaidya Smita NaramVaidya Smita Naram will greet you, take your pulse and tell you what she observes. At the time of your pulse evaluation, Vaidya Naram is able to ascertain what is happening on the physical, mental and emotional levels of your being. With many years extensive experience, this process is completed within moments. Vaidya Smita will then share her findings with you.

Following your pulse evaluation, you can take time and ask any questions you may have regarding specific health concerns. Vaidya Naram will be happy to answer your questions and enter into a dialogue with you. You may wish to write down your specific questions before you go in for your appointment to assist you in gaining greater clarity.

After your dialogue with Vaidya Smita Naram, she will recommend a program individually designed for your needs, usually over several months, and usually including dietary changes and herbal supplements. If you are a follow-up patient, she will adjust your existing program.

The consultation with Vaidya Smita is surprisingly fast: on average it takes 10 minutes per person.

2. Detailed consultation on diet and lifestyle with a second ayurvedic practitionerHere you will meet with a second ayurvedic practitioner who will give you the detail on how to work with your program and the herbal food supplements. Vaidya Smita Naram's assessment and your specific situation are considered by the practitioner and recommendations given accordingly. You will be given simple dietary guidelines. It is the experience of most people that by following these guidelines, the supplements have greater potency and faster effect. In most cases, the diet consultation takes around 20 minutes per person.

Venue & Consultation fees

Clinic venues


  • The clinic on December 02 & 03 will be held in Leicester at Hilton Leicester Hotel
    More information on the venue
    The Hilton Leicester is located off junction 21 of the M1, three miles from Leicester city centre

  • The clinic on December 05 & 06 will be held at the Jurys Inn Hotel in Watford).
    More information on the venue

    Watford lies just southwest of the junction between the M25 and the M1, 20 miles northwest of Central London.
    The Mercure Watford Hotel is just one mile from the M1 and three miles from the M2

Please note all patients need to book and pay through this website;
The clinic is by appoinment only.

Consultation fee


The consultation fee for the consultation is £60 per person. For children under 13 years the consultation fee is £30. This applies to follow up as well as new patients.
For information on how the fees are set please go to the frequently asked questions page.

Herbal Food supplements

During your visit to the clinic, we can help you to order and pay for the herbal food supplements prescribed by Vaidya Smita Naram. You can pay by Visa or Master card. No cash or cheque.

The herbal food supplements are prepared exclusively by Ayushakti Ayurved Pvt. Ltd. in India.Your order will be shipped from the European Ayushakti Distribution Centre in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, directly to your home.

Dres Pankaj and Smita Naram formulate the herbal food supplements that are recommended by them. The ingredients are picked from a pure, natural environment in the forests of India and the Himalayan Mountains. The formulations are most potent, many based on recipes from 2000-year-old scriptures. Rather than working on individual symptoms, they are designed to correct any imbalances you have in the working of your bodily systems.

Ayurveda is a sure, deep and gradual process. It goes to the root of any symptom you show. Therefore the Vaidyas usually recommend that initially you take the herbs consistently for 4-6 months to bring about changes. The cost of herbal food supplements varies depending on your program, approximately to the equivalent of £80 to £130 per month (this is in addition to the consultation fee).

How much time to allow in total for being on site

When planning your visit, please allow for spending up to two hours on site per person, counting from the time of your appointment. This includes buffer time to cover unforeseen circumstances - most visits will actually be over within one hour per person. The consultation with Vaidya Smita is surprisingly fast: on average it takes 10 minutes per person. The consultation with the 2nd practitioner takes around 20 min. per person. Herb ordering, where necessary, takes about 10 min. per person, plus some waiting time in between steps.



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