Terms and Conditions for the clinic with Vaidya Smita Naram

On our online booking system, you choose the consultation time(s) and date(s) you want out of the available ones, and you pay online for the consultation fee in full. In return you will get an instant booking confirmation with all the necessary details. Our payment service provider is PayPal.

Booking change & cancellation policy

If you need to change or cancel your consultation booking at any point, please contact us.

The following changes can be made to a confirmed booking, without incurring any additional charges:

  1. Change of appointment date & time (provided an acceptable alternative slot is available)
  2. Change of the person for whom the appointment was made


However, should you have to cancel your appointment altogether – for whatever reason - please give us at least 48 hours notice. We will then refund the money you paid, except for the transaction cost of £5 per person, to the card account that was used for the payment.

In the unlikely event that we have to cancel your appointment from our side and cannot give you an acceptable alternative appointment, we will of course refund you in full.

Privacy Policy

We only store your personal details for use within the Ayushakti organization. It is only our practitioners and our administrative staff that get to see them. We never pass on your details to anybody else or to any other organization. We do not store the financial data that you enter for your consultation fee payment transaction via PayPal.

Clinic Venue

Ayushakti UK Clinics are held on the premises of selected partner organizations.

Whilst these venues are gracious hosts for the Ayushakti clinics, the organization of the clinics is handled exclusively by Christian Bergmann & Alain Lemaire, including the appointment booking and the query handling.

The nature of the consultation service provided

Ayushakti practitioners are educators in Ayurveda, the traditional Indian science of life and healthful living. They are not medical doctors within the UK definition, so they do not give prescriptions or advice on allopathic medicines. For advice on allopathic prescriptions, refer to your medical doctor.

Time spent at the clinic

Normally all the steps of a visit to the clinic will be complete within one hour. However, we reserve the right to make changes to the appointment schedule at any time to take account of special clinical needs. On occasion, this might result in longer waiting times for some clients.

We trust that you will find the consultation with the practitioners helpful and uplifting and we offer you a full money back guarantee should you not be satisfied at the end of your visit to the clinic.

Christian Bergmann & Alain Lemaire
Clinic Co-ordinators


“The herbs and techniques of Ayurveda may seem quite simple on the surface. However, the way they put the body into balance has far reaching effects on the way you feel. You can change the quality of your life if you follow a few simple methods of living, eating and taking herbal food supplements.” Dr Naram

For more information on the ayurvedic Indian tradition that Vaidya Smita Naram practises, please visit her website www.ayushakti.com.

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