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Ayushakti in the UK works with ten Ayurvedic practitioners (Vaidyas):

Dr Smita Naram is an Ayurvedic practitioner (Vaidya) and herbalist, based in India. She is a highly accomplished pulse master, and the cofounder of Ayushakti. She developed the Ayushakti line of herbal formulations and beauty products.

Dates for Dr Smita Naram clinic in May 2018

There are several Ayushakti-associated ayurvedic practitioners who are based permanently in the UK - either in London or in East Sussex. They all work independently, and you can contact them directly to make an appointment.
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The book Your Health in Your Hands is Dr Smita Naram's clear guide guide to restore and maintain good health.

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“The herbs and techniques of Ayurveda may seem quite simple on the surface. However, the way they put the body into balance has far reaching effects on the way you feel. You can change the quality of your life if you follow a few simple methods of living, eating and taking herbal food supplements.” Dr Naram.

For more information on the ayurvedic Indian tradition that Vaidya Smita Naram practises, please visit her website www.ayushakti.com

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